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Here comes Bob

New Vehicle Arrival – Introducing Bob the 8 seater Mini-Bus

The Archers Team
Billy gets the keys to Bob

The Arches welcomes a new vehicle to our fleet! A beautiful 8 seater minibus given to us by the Wright family in memory of their mother, Sheila, a very dear Dial-a-Ride member.

We have named the vehicle after Sheila’s late husband Bob. When Bob passed away, Sheila considered leaving Rhayader to move closer to family in Sussex. However, she decided to stay; one of the reasons for her decision was the availability of community transport which allowed her to maintain her independence. The community transport provided by The Arches meant that she could still travel to appointments, meet up with friends and do the weekly shopping. Sheila was always so grateful for this service and for the friendship gained with the team at The Arches.

Sheila's Legacy

When Sheila passed away just over a year ago, it was her wish to repay the goodwill that had been provided. So her four children have respected their mother’s wish and were pleased to hand over the keys to an eight seater minibus, paid and provided for from the legacy of Sheila’s estate. Her children hope that by providing this community vehicle that many more people will be able to maintain or regain their independence, just like Sheila was able to.

The vehicle is a welcome addition to Archie (16 seater Minibus) and Carys (wheelchair accessible car).

Our sincerest thanks to the family and we cannot wait to take all of our lovely Dial-a-Ride members out for a spin!


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