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Trustees of the Arches - Becoming a Volunteer

Did you know that The Arches is governed by a board of voluntary trustees?

As well as our paid staff and volunteers, the trustees play a huge role in the success of The Arches, overseeing the way it is organised and helping to ensure everything runs smoothly. Two of our trustees - Jon Matthews and Alinda Tyler - share what it’s like to be a trustee, and how people can get involved. Get in touch to find out more:

Jon:So, I joined the board of RDCS about 20 years ago, when I was working for Rhayader 2000 as the development officer. It was a excellent way for me to keep up to date with other activities in rhayader and to help our two organisations work more closely together.

Over the years RDCS has grown significantly and is an excellent organisation to be involved with where you can make a real difference to help people in town. Ideas and opportunities for projects are always welcomed and carefully thought through; which is part of the reason we are successful in our grant fundraising.

The committee has always had, and welcomes people from across the community to be involved; the greater the representation of voices we have the more we can ensure our work reaches the maximum number of families and people in town.’

Alinda: ‘The Arches is an amazing organisation of volunteers and staff. It is a unique set up and such an asset to Rhayader and surroundings. I love that I’m able to contribute to the work that’s being done as a Trustee. The role of a Trustee is to provide oversight, to ensure the organisation is running efficiently and provide support for the staff where needed. There are always opportunities to get involved as a volunteer or as a Trustee, so if you’re interested - get in touch!


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